The main road in Pisa

One of the main streets in Pisa which leads practically from the central station to the river is called Corso Italia. It is a promenade for pedestrians lined with shops. The fact that no cars are allowed in the zone makes it a lovely place to stroll in the afternoon or early evening taking in the atmosphere.

There is a huge selection of shops ranging from big fashion labels to smaller boutique stores selling Made in Italy products. If you have some shopping to do it might be a good place to do it as you can avoid the crowds in cities like Florence or Rome. It is not too much that you feel overwhelmed although it is still big enough to have a wide range of choice. There are some gelaterias and coffee shops on Corso Italia too which can be a great place to have a sit down and relax after all that shopping.

If you are not into shopping and just want to soak up the atmosphere then in the early evening especially on Saturday the promenade is filled with locals who just walk up and down in company of their friends and family as they have what is called in Italian, “passeggiata”. This social ritual is a must for all Italians as it is a time to relax as you talk about anything from politics to football with friends. It is a time to meet where the younger generation of opposite sexes chase each other in their first romances. It happens all over Italy from the south to the north. So if you are in Pisa on a Saturday make sure you don’t miss a walk along Corso Italia.

Some of the other sites to see along this strip of road are the church and the town clock near the river. These are two things that you can’t miss as you walk from the station to the river.


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