Opera in Pisa

The opera theatre in Pisa is called, Teatro Verdi. It is a spectacular example of architecture in itself without having fabulous operas and ballet productions within its walls. It is used nearly all year round with all types of events such as the ones mentioned previously along with concerts and dances. The building has three levels and is one of the most beautiful examples of Italian theatres. It was inaugurated   in 1867 and has undergone attacks during wartimes and still remains standing and in perfect working condition. The stage is very big compared to the other theatres built during the same period. This gives it the ability to stage many different events allowing also for fantastic opera and ballet productions.

The name of the theatre takes after Giuseppe Verdi who was a very talented romantic composer. The theatre is indeed very romantic inside with tall walls lined with booths which seat a couple of people each. The theatre is not always open to the public so the best way to see inside is by booking to see a show. You can do this either at the ticket office on the day (if it hasn’t already sold out) or online. The ticket prices are very reasonable and are usually less than 15 euro. To see opera in such a building at that price is really a great opportunity. You might want to go a little earlier before the show starts so you can visit the bar and have a drink and then wander around the three levels of the theatre admiring the affresco artwork that has been restored and curated in a stunning way.

The theatre is located right near the river in the old part of town so it is very accessible to most of the town’s hotels. Taxi’s can drop you right off outside as they are given permission to enter the limited traffic zones. If you are in a hire car you have to be aware that parking is very hard to find and lots of streets have limits to those who hold passes. Overall the theatre is a gem of Pisa that all tourists should visit.

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