A piece of Madagascar in Pisa

A piece of Africa in Tuscany. As a first for the town of Pisa an African photography exhibition from works taken by Walter De Laurentis.  The event which is titled, “L’altro Madagascar”, meaning ‘The Other Madagascar’ in English is a collection of pictures taken by the artist during his visit to the south areas of the capital. The pictures are aimed in revealing the hidden life of some of the people from Madagascar and also showing some of the work that the Mangwana Association does throughout the country.

This amazing charity does work in Madagascar in an effort to supply clean drinking water, improving sanitary conditions and informing small villages about basic hygiene to reduce the risk and spread of disease especially with children. The exhibition in Pisa is giving any visitor the opportunity to not only witness through stunning photos all of this but also play a part in the movement through donating either by cash donation or by purchasing one of the photographs which are 50 euro each.

The event is to be situated near Palazzo Ruschi which is a 2 min walk from the Garibaldi Square by the river. Because it is so close to the centre it is therefore inside a ‘centro storico’ building which is the old town.  This enables tourists to get a view inside on of a historic building and appreciate its architecture.

Make your most of your stay in Pisa by visiting the Mangwana exhibition. It is just a bus ride from the airport or train station or if you fancy a walk, a short stroll down the main promenade and over the bridge crossing the Arno river to the old town. Each way will provide you with a good view of  the beautiful Tuscan city of Pisa.

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