Nightlife around Pisa

Pisa is located near one of the most ‘in’ night spots in the peninsula. Versilia which is approximately a 30 minute drive from Pisa is where it all happens both in winter and all throughout summer. The strip of road along the coast is a happening place with numerous amounts of bars, restaurants and nightclubs. Treat yourself with a night out the Tuscan way and visit Versilia and you will be amazed by the vibrant atmosphere that oozes out of each nightspot.

Some of the most well known nightclubs are frequented by Italian A-list celebrities as the region is considered one of the most accessible places to be on holiday. Often the rich and famous of northern cities such as Turin and Milan will come down for the weekend and party their nights away.

If you are without a car your best option is to catch a train to Viareggio and then catch a taxi along the promenade to the club of your choice. If you would like a complete night out why not stay in one of the town’s hotels on the coast as it will save you from having to journey back to Pisa in the early hours of the morning. You can expect anything in Versilia as parties go all night long and often stop as the sun comes up. The Port of Pisa, officially called Marina di Pisa, is a place that changes face depending on the season. During summer there are also numerous bars, beach restaurants and nightclubs that are very relaxed and provide great atmosphere’s for those after beach mojitos. Marina di Pisa is situated closer to Pisa making it a viable option but doesn’t give you prestige and choice of Versilia. You can never be too old to enjoy a night out in Italy as the Italian lifestyle allows you to leave your stress at home and enjoy yourself with your hair down. This night aspect of the Pisa region is just another bonus to why it is one of the best places to holiday in Italy.

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